Summer Journey- Thou Art Goddess


Summer Journey Guidebook (pdf ebook), Summer Journey Journal (interactive pdf ebook), Summer Journey Guided Meditation (mp3 audio)

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In Summer, let Nature and your Inner Goddess be your guides as the energies of life and light are turned on high, and the season gives itself over to abundance and goodness. Your journey of soul calls you to take your place in the sunlit world, shining your beauty and best qualities outward to a hungry and waiting world.

Align your journey of soul with the powers of the summer season through a seven-lesson guided journey with integrated wisdom teachings, pathwork exercises, journaling tasks and a guided meditation.

Honor Nature’s gifts of abundance and goodness.

Claim your deep beauty and special gifts.

Embrace the wisdom of your Inner Goddess.

Commit to grow and blossom as your true, beautiful Self.

Take your destined place in the weaving of a better world.

Your Path of She Guided Journey includes: two pdf ebooks: the Summer Journey Guidebook and Summer Journey Journal, and the Winter Journey Guided Meditation (mp3 audio).

The Summer Journey Journal is an interactive pdf, so you can record and save your journal entries as you proceed though your journey.