Beltane Meditation – Dancing With the Green Man


Dancing With the Green Man (pdf),  Beltane Meditation Journal (interactive pdf), Beltane Guided Meditation (23 min mp3 audio)

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At Beltane, take your cue from Nature.

At the edge of the forest, haloed in the chartreuse brilliance of backlit foliage, the Green Man awaits you.

Beltane magic has a sexual edge. The Green Man walks the land, firing up everything He touches with His wild, fertile life force. In Nature, plants, birds, bees and creatures, great and small, mingle, mate and give birth to a brilliant display of new life. Even the seemingly innocent, secular practice of the maypole has its roots in Beltane’s celebration of sexuality and fertility: the maypole is a giant phallic symbol arising from the fertile earth, and the dance interweaving the long ribbons represents sexual union and the creation of new life.

However you choose to embrace the magic of Beltane — be it a walk amongst Nature’s feral, stunning fecundity, or to sit in ritual circle with the Green Man, or in whatever ways you honor this potent time of year — know that the Green Man’s wild-world dream of light, love and life-making is reaching out to you. Here He can help you step beyond the wounding and limitations of your personal story and our collective human reality to explore and embrace a new, positive relationship with God, the sacred masculine, and your own wild, life-centered nature.

The Beltane Guided Meditation (audio mp3)

A 26 minute meditation that connects you with the potent Beltane energies embodied by the Green Man.

The Beltane Guided Meditation Journal (.pdf)

With journaling prompts and questions to deepen your Beltane Meditation. The Journal is an interactive pdf, allowing you to record and save your journal entries.

Dancing With the Green Man (.pdf)

A celebration of Beltane with beautiful images and inspirations to help you capture the energy of the season.